Napa Stack Wine Barrels

Napa Stack Full and Half Wine Barrels

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Description Height Center Diameter Weight
Full Barrel 35" - 40" 27" - 30" 115-125 lbs
Half Barrel 17.5" - 20" 27" - 30" 57.5-62.5 lbs

Due to the Grittiness of these materials everything is unique and not repeated. The “flaws” or roughness provide something to look at that's different in each piece.

  • Reclaimed wine barrels
  • "Break-in-half" feature
  • Easy transport
  • Many different uses!

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Some examples of how to use our wine barrels!

Make your event shine with the ultimate rustic accent piece: our new Napa Stack Wine Barrels!

Palmer Snyder introduces reclaimed "break-in-half" Napa Stack Wine Barrels. These barrels are as rustic as it gets...coming straight from Napa Valley with most insides having the color cabernet red!

Why "break-in-half"? This feature is aimed to please our Event Rental customers. As a rental accessory, use the barrels as halves. For example, open side up for planters or as a beverage cooler (with a plastic liner)...or open side down for the perfect rustic coffee or end table.

Or use whole barrels as event accents, fastening two half barrels together to make a whole. Either way, the barrels store/stack as half barrels, taking up little warehouse space and transporting easily to your event site.

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