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Non-sequential Space-Saver Legs

    Portable Event FurnitureSPACE is a valuable and limited asset in many rental companies - in the warehouse, showroom or on delivery trucks. Palmer Snyder has several products that reduce storage space requirements by 33% and some by 50% - a huge benefit for rental companies and hospitality/clubs.

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Distressing Furniture

    Portable Event FurnitureOld things come back in style and for furniture that is certainly true - old is in! People pay top dollar for vintage and retro pieces of furniture. We think our original furniture is fabulous, and built to last, but you may want to create your own “distressed” Palmer Snyder furniture. Check out these tips!

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JULY 2017
Palmer Snyder...we pride ourselves on our American roots.

    Portable Event FurniturePalmer Snyder has served the rental market for nearly 100 years. Like the family owned and operated rental companies that make up our clientele, we pride ourselves on our American roots. Most of the products we sell are manufactured on American soil in our Pennsylvania Factory. Our core production facility lies in a small town called Conneautville, Pennsylvania. Conneautville and the people who live there embody the very spirit of this country. We want to take this chance to highlight the many ways in which Conneautville, Pennsylvania embodies the heart and soul of Palmer Snyder.

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JUNE 2017
Palmer Products and Solutions Address the Key area of: Improved Profits - ROI

    Portable Event Furniture

    Palmer Snyder tables consistently offer a lifespan triple that of their imported counterparts, generating an additional $1000 in incremental revenue and superior profitability.  The residual salvage value of a Palmer Snyder plywood table is often 60-75% of the initial purchase price, even after a decade or more of frequent use. No other table offers this level of long-term value. 

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APRIL 2017
Palmer Products and Solutions Address the Key area of: Space Savings

    Portable Event FurnitureThe space saving "non-sequential" leg design on Palmer Snyder plywood tables reduces storage footprint by 35% when compared to traditional folding legs on the same table.

    Rental operators can transport up to 100 (60-72") tables featuring the non-sequential leg in a 16 ft. box truck compared to just 70 traditional tables. 

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Palmer Products and Solutions Address the Key area of: Labor Savings

    Portable Event Furniture

    Our "C-Channel" wrapped, aluminum edges on plywood tables offers superior edge and corner protection while saving approximately $25 for materials, labor and overhead to fix a damaged corner.

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C440 and 450 Resin Chairs

    Portable Event FurniturePalmer Snyder’s C440 and C450 resin chairs don’t inter-stack (not compatible with each other stacking-wise). Mixing inventory is not a good idea. The chairs are identical in color, weight and load bearing capacity and share the same snap-in seat pad. The C450 is the original design, with solid resin construction and has more of an outdoor furniture appearance. The C440 is gas-injected resin and looks more like a true wood chair than the C450. The C440 is far and away most popular chair in rental market.

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