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June 2018

Farmhouse or Rustic styles are white hot right now! But, what ARE these styles? What defines them? How do we get the look? Do you have to live on a farm? A Real Farm?


Farmhouse style originally developed out of necessity and born of geography. Farmhouses reflected the land, building material and goods in a rural area. But what makes the trend continue in popularity? Can anyone capture the spirit and spunk of farmhouse style?

Rustic is as much an attitude and a way of life as a style these days. Once rustic style was distinguished by 3 key elements... rural location, functional porches, and formal and informal living space! Today lots of fun decor elements bring the warm, simple and savvy farmhouse look to almost any venue. Recycling, upcycling and renovating are all in the wheelhouse of rustic style!

With sights set on something rustic with a hint of surprise, some rental operations are beginning to branch out into unique, one-of-a-kind products, scouring flea markets and yard sales for the perfect items. Some rental stores exclusively cater to the Rustic Furniture trend. Many however opt for the tried-and-true, with a mixture of the eclectic products and will carry farm tables and rustic furniture for banquets and weddings, adding rustic bars and wine barrels to create the perfect cocktail area or a truly memorable ceremony. What is it about farm tables that make us love them so much? It could be the sense of heritage and family. Original farm tables were handmade after all and passed down through generations.


Table shapes are more varied at events. The decision between long, round, or square tables has been answered by farm table arrangements; they help a large reception feel intimate, with endless design options. Wooden farm tables are more expensive than the normal table rentals, but they add to the rustic aesthetic and look great mixed in with the traditional round tables.

Functionality is an equally important aspect of the overall look your customer wants to achieve. Table shape, size and base must be considered. Need a farm table for a nook? A pedestal table or reclaimed barn wood trestle table works great. Looking to seat a lot of people? A table with legs could be the right solution. An 8 ft. rustic farm table can double as a giant head table or as a dessert station for donuts and cookies.

Unpretentious and welcoming, there is a great sense of style about Rustic products! Rustic style is a reflection of love for the land and its bounty and a close connection between both. Stylistically, it is simplistic with a do-it-yourself attitude.


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