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August 2018 - (Linen-Less) Profit Trending Higher - Part 1


The Farm/Rustic trend has not yet hit its' zenith but is being combined with the Linen-less aesthetic as Linen-less tables are a new leader in trending items. What is Linen-less? Easy, they are tables that do not have to have linens to create a certain aesthetic. They are generally laminate, but can be plywood, which then have a more upscale edge. Linen-less tables are sought by hotels, event facilities and rental companies to deliver a more modern look. They are extremely popular for corporate events and for rentals to the college and hospitality markets.

Linen-less tables combine in wedding and other banquet events with Rustic for a new, modern look. For stand-up affairs, clubs and conventions combine linen-covered plywood pedestal tables, with a variety of laminate pedestal tables. The different tops and configurations work well for indoor and outdoor functions. The linen-less look for banquet presentations is great - as long as the tables stay in top condition. It's important that the tables hold up well, since there's no linen hiding their battered edges.

The Linen-less movement dovetails with the move to corporate environmentalism. Hotels and rental companies are moving to multi-function tables to save time and money by eliminating the need for linens. Newer, hipper premium laminates create an upscale look that help inform the change.

Recently in the Hospitality market, the Bridgewater Marriott leaned into environmentalism by purchasing $150,000 in new linen-less banquet tables. A top wedding venue, the Bridgewater Marriott provides linens upon request for weddings and other elegant social affairs, but many meeting and convention clients request the linen-less tables because they are more environmentally friendly. As a result, the hotel predicts a significant savings in laundry costs, but more importantly, an environmental savings of thousands of gallons of water.

And that, as they say, is a very good thing.


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