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Non-sequential Space-Saver Legs

One topic that garners interest is the “non-sequential space saver legs” It is one of the strongest “points of differentiation” and product design advantages we offer.

SPACE  is a valuable and limited asset in many rental companies - in the warehouse, showroom or on delivery trucks. Palmer Snyder has several products that reduce storage space requirements by 33% and some by 50% - a huge benefit for rental companies and hospitality/clubs.

Engineering and production teams made several design/production/manufacturing improvements in a tables line to make them more streamlined in appearance and easier for the boss & mate leg version to open/close and lock. The “non-sequential-space saver legs(NS)” offer significant advantages over traditional fold over legs:


  1. Space savings - the legs nest side by side in the stored position instead of folding over each other. The runners are also slimmer. Each table requires 1.25” less storage space (roughly 35%) which when contemplating at 50-100 rounds is significant.

  2. Time - staff or customers don’t have to spend time figuring out which leg to fold first to stack and store tables. The NS tables can be 50% faster than traditional tables to close, stack and store.

  3. Product damage - Stacked tables with incorrectly closed legs can cause safety risks because of stacking imbalance. Tables can be damaged and require repairs with incorrectly closed traditional fold-over leg sets. Palmer Snyder’s NS legs eliminate those concerns.

  4. Gravity Lock Legs - are easier to open/close and lock than the rental “boss & mate” locking systems and eliminate concerns about table collapse due to incorrect setup and/or worn out locks.

Featured here on our Profile Series tables


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