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Why do something hard,
when you can do something smart?

At Palmer Snyder we develop furniture solutions that simplify the life of our customers.

MAXX-IC™ tables:

  • Save 40% more space


In the 21st century, “innovation” and “furniture” do not normally go together. Palmer Snyder’s new MAXX-IC™ Café/Reception Tables, remarkably, truly deliver this paradox.

Palmer Snyder has engineered our MAXX-IC Tables to feature a patented “internal connector” (IC) that allows client users, who almost always struggle with storage, to stack up to forty percent more tables in the same space.


And MAXX-IC Tables can be outfitted with a variety of column finish and base options, to achieve the look the client desires, along with the surge in convenience from our internal connector technology.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, at Palmer Snyder we’re dedicated to smart furniture solutions. With top quality research and proprietary technology, the MAXX-IC Tables are yet another win for our customers. Another job well done.


For more information on the MAXX-IC™ click here!

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