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JUNE 2017
Palmer Snyder Products and Solutions Address the Key area of: Improved Profits - ROI


    Portable Event Furniture

    Palmer Snyder tables consistently offer a lifespan triple that of their imported counterparts, generating an additional $1000 in incremental revenue and superior profitability.  The residual salvage value of a Palmer Snyder plywood table is often 60-75% of the initial purchase price, even after a decade or more of frequent use. No other table offers this level of long-term value. 

    Learn more about these space saving tables here.




    Portable Event Furniture

    Palmer Snyder's resin chairs have a useful life three times longer than their imported counterparts. A model C440 or C450 resin chair requires less cleaning and maintenance while consistently delivering an addition $500 in revenue per chair. 

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    Portable Event Furniture

    Palmer Snyder's Acrylic 4x4 Cam-Lock Dance Floors can be safely used inside or outside without a sub-floor. The Acrylic surface requires less cleaning and maintenance than traditional vinyl floors and the larger panels mean shorter installations and 33% less storage space than a 3x3 panel. 

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