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We are thrilled to have long-term and happy customers - it’s what we constantly work for. Sometimes we hear from the customers and we are pleased to share their thoughts, because, really, it’s just nice to hear good news:


"When I started here 23 years ago, the person making purchase decisions was buying the least expensive and not the best quality. I came from a rental store in Colorado and we bought quality products and developed relationships with our vendors. We always tried to buy American made products when we could. I brought the same strategy to my new company.

The products we purchase from Palmer Snyder are always top notch. If we have ever had an issue with product or shipping, you have always made it right. In all the years we have been doing business, I think we have only had two issues. We now buy all of our tables, most every chair you offer, bar attachments and dance floor. The quality over time is worth it.

I have always loved the sales rep I have worked with. There have been only two. The first was very knowledgable and friendly. The second was my favorite of all; so knowledgable about product, services or upcoming deals. Over-the-top friendly and funny...like dealing with a trusted friend. Palmer Snyder has worked to make paying for an order a customer choice. Very customer-friendly. I have and will continue to refer other rental stores to Palmer Snyder. We will continue to use Palmer Snyder for as many products as possible."



"When we first looked into buying your product, we found we don’t have to wait long to get it and your company is very reliable. The product was durable and lightweight, as advertised. We enjoyed and continue to enjoy Palmer Snyder because they are good people and good products and we recommend them to our associates becuase they have great customer service and products.

What we especially like is they do what they say, which is big in our book. We have done business with Palmer Snyder for many years and they have always been great to work with."




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