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C440 and 450 Resin Chairs

    Portable Event Furniture

    Palmer Snyder’s C440 and C450 resin chairs don’t inter-stack (not compatible with each other stacking-wise). Mixing inventory is not a good idea. The chairs are identical in color, weight and load bearing capacity and share the same snap-in seat pad. The C450 is the original design, with solid resin construction and has more of an outdoor furniture appearance. The C440 is gas-injected resin and looks more like a true wood chair than the C450. The C440 is far and away most popular chair in rental market.

    The best way to identify is to get a photo of the seat back where you can find the visible differences between the chairs.

    Identifying differences are:

    - C440 has a solid, rectangular frame giving the appearance of a true wood chair.

    - C450 has an L-shaped frame.

    - C440 has a visible “oval shaped depression in the back” appx. 4” wide X 2.5” inches high, in the center of the back.

    - C450 has a smooth, solid back with no depression. Additionally, the 450 back has a cut-away section where the back joins the leg on 450’s that does not exist on 440’s.

    - C450 has a small stacking nub on the front of each leg appx 4” up from the ground. C440 has no stacking nub.

    - C440 has a noticeable bar - 2/5” high across the back of the seat where the C450 has none.


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