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Folding Chair Testing


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Gaynes Labs tested two critical performance aspects of our model C600 chair:

    1. Compression load (pressure gradually applied on seat until failure)

    2. Dynamic load (load �free fall� from 6� above the seat)

Four competitors� chairs were subjected to the same testing protocol.

The following is a brief explanation of what each page of the test results describes:

Page 1 � The overview describes the testing procedures in detail.

Page 2 � 300 lbs. 6� Drop Test Results
    � PS Furniture�s Model C600 (chairs C1-5) passed all five tests
    � Competitors� chairs (B#, D#, E#, and F#) failed two to five tests each

Page 3 � Compression Test Results
    � PS Furniture�s C600 folding chair required an average of 2,203 lbs. to fail
    � Competitors� failed from 1,400 to 1,895 lbs.

Page 4 � These two photographs show how the tests were conducted. Photo 1 is representative of a typical drop test and Photo 2 is representative of a typical compression test.

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  • Drop Test
  • Compression Test
  • Competitor B Failing Drop Test
  • Competitor D Failing Drop Test
  • Competitor F Failing Drop Test

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